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1. Stainless Steel Luggage Rack14. Portable Stove27. Storage Space
2. Penthouse Pop Top15. Propane Tank28. Paper Towel Holder
3. Aerodynamic Spoiler16. Wall to Wall Machine Washable Carpet with Wooden Sub Floor & Insulation29. Built In Dome Light
4. Three Full Size Windows with Screens17. Chemical Toilet30. Ten Gallon Water Tank
5. Double Bed for Two Adults18. Large Size Natural Wood Drawer31. Fire Extinguisher
6. Penthouse Light19. All Electric Refrigerator or Built in Ice Box32. Bulk Storage Under the Bed
7. Curtains and Leather Straps20. Built in Stove33. Spring Supported Antenna
8. Rear Speaker21. Wardrobe Closet34. Removable Skylight Sunroof
9. Additional Storage22. Two Shelf Storage Area and Vanity35. Heavy Duty Screen
10. 8' x 8' Awning23. 110 Volt Electric Outlet36. Spice Rack
11. Main Double Bed complete with Sheets and Blanket24. Electric Water Faucet37. Body Side Molding
12. Rear Seat for Three with Built In Coil Springs25. Fold Away Formica Dining Table38. Cellular Phone & C.B.
13. Under Rear Seat Storage26. Stainless Steel Sink39. Radar Detector